Die große Glocke

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Die beiden Glocken

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Kriegsdorf, our Village | Church
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Grand bell

The two bells

Kriegsdorf, our community / church


Dear fellow countrymen!


Where we played as little children,
we sang the songs in youth,
the bells of our hometown
will never fade away.

All well done, a dream came true.

The church steeple has been restored, and was newly built from scratch.

Once again the bells are chiming with their unmistakable sound. it is hard to believe that during a century of activity the bells only took a small break, during the rebuilding phase of the church.

Their ringing on Sundays and on holidays for mass service can not go unnoticed by anyone.

Furthermore their ringing will also announce the sad return to the eternal home of one of our community members and former inhabitants in far away lands.

From the first idea up to completion of the reconstruction it has been a stony road.

First there was the dream, then the conception. Many questions; “How can we accomplish this enormous challenge “?

The two generators for this idea were “Mister Georg Hotz and Michael Krumbacher “.

Highest respect to these two compatriots, for they had a strong faith and willpower.

Their strong power of persuasion created in you, dear fellow countryman, trust and enthusiasm.

To realize such a huge project one has to have a remarkable zeal, diligence, consequence and last but least; organizing ability, plus more…

In conclusion this dream came trough your generous donations, from all our dear fellow country man.  “Thank you “…

The final result you can see now on this homepage.

The splendid church steeple proudly stands again, and so we regained our identity

The two Gentlemen Mr. Krumbacher and Georg Hotz proved once again, “ Where there is a will there is a way”
Thank you once again for your generous donations and for any future donations.


Yours truly

The editorial committee

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